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Food Diary – Monday 24 June (Day 3)

Breakfast: porridge with peanut butter, Nutella & flaxseed, water
Morning snack: water…at sports day for hours…
Lunch: leftover pasta al forno, 2 chocolate cookies, diet coke, water
Afternoon snack: chai rooibos tea (my friend is on a fast day, so no cookie for me!)
Supper: salad with light French dressing, roman-style pasta with peas (a half portion thanks to my greedy children), ginger cookie, water
Evening snack: porridge with peanut butter, Nutella & flaxseed, water, dry white wine, 1 Belgian chocolate

Exercise: 6200 steps

Water: 7 glasses


Food diary – Sunday 23 June (Day 2)

  • Breakfast: porridge with peanut butter & nutella, water
  • Morning snack: rooibos chai tea, small granola bar at Coffee & Co, water
  • Lunch: pasta al forno, salad with light french dressing, homemade rice pudding with 1/2 tsp nutella, diet coke, water
  • Afternoon snack: handful wasabi peanuts, rooibos chai, diet coke
  • Supper: 2 scrambled eggs with parmesan, 3 oat cakes with peanut butter, 10 almonds, handful wasabi peanuts, strawberries, lowfat greek yogurt, homemade vegan chocolate chip muffin
  • Evening snack: handful of organic corn tortillas, dry white wine

Exercise: 7,951 steps

Water: 5 glasses

Food diary – Saturday 22 June (Day 1)

  • Breakfast: porridge with peanut butter and jam, water
  • Morning snack: 2 diet cokes, 1/4 piece of homemade coffee cake, handful wasabi peanuts
  • Lunch: pasta with tuna, lemon, parsley, garlic and olive oil, salad with cucumber and light french dressing, homemade vegan chocolate chip muffin, water
  • Afternoon snack: 1 Belgian chocolate, cup of rooibos chai
  • Supper: bacon sandwich with 2 slices bacon on seeded bread with ketchup, strawberries, handful corn tortilla chips, water
  • Evening snack: bowl of muesli, glass of white wine

Exercise: walk for 3 miles into town

Water: 5 glasses

Food diaries

I know it’s not the most exciting things for anyone other than me to read, but one thing I’ll do on this blog is upload my food diary. This is a way to keep me accountable and let me see what I’m eating over time, where I go right and where I go wrong.